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dutch cover

Handboek Triggerpoint Therapie

ISBN: 9-06963-596-8
Year of publication: 2003
Dimensions: 21 x 27.5
Number of pages: 296
Publisher: Altamira-Becht


hebrew cover

!די לכאב
מה שהרופא שלך אינו יודע
עלול להרוג אותך מכאבים

Dana-code: 239-432
Year of publication: 2005
Dimensions: 21.5 x 27.2
Number of pages: 262
Publisher: Focus Publishing


spanish cover

Terapia de los Puntos de Activacion

ISBN: 8-47808-140-2
Year of publication : 2006
Dimensions: 15 x 23
Number of pages: 640
Publisher: Editorial Sirio, S.A.

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